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Getting to Know Us

Accelerating Your Path to Success with CapitalWise Group

Welcome to CapitalWise Group, the leading management solution firm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals faster. Specializing in small business and projection financing solutions, we offer a step-by-step process to attain solid business plans, loans, working capital, and equity financing. With our innovative AI-based business management plan tool, we can generate investment-grade plans in just a few days.

Customized Financing Programs

Guiding You Towards Optimal Solutions

At CW Group, we understand that financing complexities can vary from business to business. That's why we offer customized programs designed to address your specific needs. Our expert guidance will steer you towards the best path for your individual business requirements. Our well-crafted business plans are tailored to meet the requirements of lenders and investors, presented in a concise and organized format. With CW Group, you can focus on your core operations while our specialized resources work for you. We save you time and energy by bringing you closer to your business goals and improving financial control on your projects.

Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving Process

Mentoring Your Management Plan for Success

At CapitalWise Group, we understand the value of efficiency and effectiveness. Our cost-efficient and time-saving process, coupled with our expertise and guidance, ensures that your management plan is mentored for success. We streamline the steps, optimize your resources, and provide the necessary support to accelerate your progress. With CW Group by your side, you can confidently navigate the path to success and achieve your business objectives.

Our Team Structure

Streamlining operational processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.


CW Project Modeler

Implementing effective strategies to streamline operations, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity across the organization.


CW Business Modeler

After the client's agreement and enrollment in one of our services, the CW business modeling phase commences.


CW Financial Modeler

After client enrollment, the CW Financial Model phase begins, generating precise financial projections.

CW Project Modeler

CW Project Service sets up the project and enables clients to conveniently submit all materials. For example:

  • Client content
  • Research
  • Financials
  • Project definition
  • Historical numbers
  • Current chart of accounts
  • CW Questionnaire

CW Project Service captures essential information through methodical questionnaires and creates a comprehensive model archiving your business and project details. This systematic process ensures that clients do not have to worry about understanding requirements or the security of their information.

  • Investment Highlights
  • Mission
  • Traction
  • Problem
  • Why Now?
  • Solution
  • Addressable Market
  • Competition
  • How It Works
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Target Market
  • Milestones
  • Sources & Uses
  • Financial Projections
  • Exit Strategy
  • Team

Project Service system provides complete analysis of the information and also gives what CW groups can offer if they opt to move forward.

CW Business Modeler

Once the client is comfortable and signs up for one of our services, the CW Business Service phase begins. The following are the key events that take place during this phase:

CW Project Manager schedules a recorded and transcribed Zoom onboarding call with the client, lasting up to 2 hours. Methodical questions are asked to supplement and provide additional context to the information shared by the client, enhancing the overall understanding of the project.

CW Business Service prepares a deck outline and content, which serves as the foundation for the detailed plan development process. This phase involves dedicated time for conducting thorough research and gathering all necessary materials to ensure the comprehensive and accurate development of the actual plan.

CW Project Manager shares the deck with the client via email, allowing them to provide feedback and comments. The Business Service updates the deck based on the received comments. Finally, CW Project Manager conducts a final walkthrough of the content with the client for approval.

CW Project Manager transfers the business plan content to the designer team, who skillfully incorporates design elements and colors to enhance the visual appeal of the business plan. This professionally designed version is then added to the final package, ensuring a polished and visually engaging presentation.

CW Financial Modeler

Once the client is onboarded and signs up for our service, the CW Financial Model phase begins simultaneously with the Business Service. The events occur during this phase:

Financial Service reviews all the information collected or provided during the initial phases and schedules an onboarding call with the client.

  • Investment structure (Convertible Note/Safe Note or valuation)
  • Startup expenses (if applicable)
  • Revenue drivers
  • Operating expenses over the next 12 - 18 months and projected out
  • over the next 3 - 5 years
  • Rounds funding anticipated (Friends&Family, Angel, Seed, Series A, et al.)

Financial Service creates a financial model VI based on the assumptions discussed during the kickoff call. If the client has any additional feedback during this period, they can send it via email. On the 6th day, the Financial Service shares the model with the client, providing a detailed explanation of how the model works.

Financial Service makes any necessary corrections or modifications based on client feedback. Subsequently, the Project Manager arranges a call to seek affirmation from the client regarding the financial numbers and projections. This ensures alignment and accuracy in the financial aspects of the project.

The Financial Service assembles the final financial presentation and collaborates with the business strategist to compile the final package. This ensures that the financial aspects align seamlessly with the overall business strategy, resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive final deliverable.